4th of july safety tips

4th of July Safety Tips in Ventura, CA

Keep your Independence Day independent from issues with these 4th of July safety tips. 

The holiday weekend is almost here! We’re all waiting for June Gloom to pass so we can get some fully sunny days. If improved weather aligns with the 4th of July, Ventura County will be celebrating in full force. Before you light up the grill and pull out the sparklers, though, give some thought to potential issues. Keep just a few 4th of July safety tips in mind, and you can enjoy your holiday weekend hassle-free.

At the barbecue.

Grilling is a staple in Independence Day celebrations. Can you blame us for loving the opportunity to grill delicious food for the people we love while enjoying our Southern California weather? Of course not! Just make sure that before you light up your grill, you’ve put safeguards in place. If you’ve got a gas grill, quickly check it for leaks before the holiday weekend. Make sure your grill is positioned at least 10 feet away from your house, nearby foliage that could catch, and any other flammable materials. Teach your kids to steer clear of the grill area, and enlist them in helping to keep their friends and any pets at a safe distance.

Around fireworks. 

In light of the Thomas Fires, most Ventura County residents will most likely be practicing extra care with their fireworks this year. The Ventura County Fire Department has a brief list of firework safety guidelines as a good refresher. Even sparklers can be dangerous. They can burn at temperatures of up to 2000 degrees C! If you’re burning sparklers this 4th of July, keep a few buckets of water nearby to safely douse them.

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insurance for construction business

What Kinds of Insurance Do Construction Businesses Need?

Protect your construction business with these types of insurance coverage.

If you work in construction, you know that your industry is unlike any other. There are so many factors every contractor needs to consider, from material type to workforce availability to weather. Each job has a lot of moving parts and many contractors are managing multiple jobs simultaneously. No matter how diligent you are, things can go awry with so much continuous activity. Is your construction business ready to face tomorrow, no matter what it brings? It can be – provided you have the right insurance policies in place to protect it. Here are four types of insurance every construction business needs.

  1. General Liability Insurance. A general liability policy comes to the rescue if you end up facing bodily injury or property damage claims. Let’s say one of your employees damages some part of the property you were working on. Your general liability policy can help cover the costs so neither you nor your employee feels that financial burden.
  2. Builder’s Risk Insurance. This type of insurance was created specifically for your industry. Each job benefits from having a builder’s risk policy in place because this coverage insures the build you’re working on and the materials. Say a freak hailstorm destroys all your progress on the exterior walls or a thief steals the equipment you left at the site overnight. In both cases, builder’s risk insurance can come to the rescue.
  3. Commercial Auto Insurance. Does your company own vehicles? Because you need to transport people and materials between job sites, the answer is probably yes. Don’t leave those vehicles – or your liability because of their activity on the road – exposed. A commercial auto insurance policy will protect you.
  4. Workers’ Compensation. This is non-negotiable. Every business is legally required to carry this type of insurance to protect its employees in the event one of them suffers a work-related injury.

If you own a construction business, contact Rothstein Insurance. We have years of experience protecting companies just like yours and can ensure you put the right policies in place. Call us for all of your construction insurance needs in California and Hawaii.