Business Auto Insurance Keeps Dents Out of Your Bottom Line

Have cars on the road? Your company can avoid financial accidents with a business auto insurance policy.

Did you know that, on average, ten car accidents occur every single second? If your business has cars out on the road that aren’t properly protected, you’re playing some long odds. The good news is that protecting your business’s bottom line against the expense of an accident is pretty simple. All you need is the right business auto insurance policy.

You may think that because your business doesn’t have a fleet of vehicles, you don’t need auto insurance. We’d rather you find out now – rather than later when it could really hurt you – that isn’t the case. If your employees use their personal vehicles for work, even for something as simple as running a quick errand, you could be held liable. Don’t wait until an accident happens to learn where you need to put protections in place!

Business auto insurance will help you in a number of ways. First, it can cover the cost of vehicle repairs, both for your driver and other involved vehicles if your driver was at-fault. This applies even if your employee was driving his or her personal vehicle. Secondly, it can help cover the cost of resulting medical bills. Finally, it can cover your liability if you find yourself facing any kind of litigation as a result of the accident.

You wouldn’t put a car in drive with a broken seat belt and a faulty airbag. Why take on other risks when you or any of your employees are behind the wheel? Whether the roads your business navigates are in California or Hawaii, we can make sure you have the protection you need. Contact Rothstein Insurance to learn more about how a business auto insurance can protect your bottom line from accidents.

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