Keep Your Business On Track With Business Income Insurance

Don’t let a hiccup become devastating. Prep for anything with business income coverage.

Every business owner knows the importance of maintaining cash flow. Without the revenue you anticipated, everything can grind to a halt – and fast. Something as simple as a piece of equipment breaking could spell disaster if it puts a pause on your income stream. That is, unless you have business income insurance in place.

Business income insurance, also known as business interruption insurance, is designed to help you business weather unexpected breaks in income. Say a fire forces your business to relocate. Or a thief makes away with crucial equipment. Even if your business can’t make as much money as usual because of the incident, your rent will still come due. Your employees will still want to be paid. Your inventory will still need to be replenished.

Business income insurance provides your company with the cash flow it needs to keep everything running smoothly. You can even add protections like:

  • Off-premises services utility coverage: This protection steps in if downed power lines prevent your business from operating.
  • Off-premises operations coverage: This portion of your policy can help with cash flow if something crucial gets damaged while off-site.
  • Cloud service interruption coverage: This coverage can protect your business from financial strain if information stored in the cloud suddenly becomes unavailable, hindering operation.
  • Key personnel coverage: This portion of your policy can help your business maintain its momentum even when facing the challenge of losing a primary person from its staff.

In short, business income insurance is designed to help your business stay afloat no matter what it’s forced to weather. At Rothstein Insurance, we know that every business owner has put countless hours and limitless energy into getting their business where it is today. We believe all that hard work deserves to be protected. If you’d like to learn more about business income insurance, contact us today.

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