Cutting Edge Coverage: Protection for Technology & Life Sciences

Protecting your technology or life sciences business has never been easier. 

Innovation is shaping our world as we speak. With increasing access to technology and the information networks it enables, we’re continually developing new ways of improving our lives. No one knows this better than technology and life sciences companies. These businesses are spearheading modern advancement. There is a  problem with being out in front, though. It exposes you. Life sciences and technology businesses can forge ahead stress-free when they have the proper insurance in place to protect them.

Let’s say you’re a software or IT company. Your customer doesn’t fully understand your offering and sues you for breach of contract or negligence. If you have the right insurance in place, you can fully defend your business.

Or suppose you’re a telecommunications company. You have a huge range of network safety procedures in place, but you know all too well that network vulnerabilities can be exposed where you least expect them. The right technology coverage gives you peace of mind.

Maybe you’re a life science or medical technology company. You’re the only one who truly understands the value of your research materials and all the data you’ve gathered. Fortunately, an educated life sciences coverage agent can help you put a policy in place that reflects that deep value.

At Rothstein Insurance, we know the work you do is as unique as it is innovative. That’s why we have coverage options for 60+ class codes, including Life Science & Medical Tech, Electronics, Software & Information Technology, Renewable Energy, and Telecommunication. If you’re looking for insurance tailored to your business’s specific exposures, we can help.

Your company is focused on developing the latest innovation. You shouldn’t have to worry about protecting your hard work. That’s where Rothstein Insurance can come in.  Technology and life sciences protection is one of our specialties. We have years of experience protecting businesses in California and Hawaii. Contact us to get the insurance your cutting-edge work deserves.

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